Patient Discharge Templates

There are currently 12 separate discharge instructions in our set. This includes a special sheet designed for work injuries that might require atypical follow up. Each of the others is a simple single page and includes a tear-off work or school note. They are printed as 2-copy forms so a copy can remain in the medical record without further attention. Each sheet is also organized for maximum clarity and risk management.. There are 3 sections. He first section contains routine instructions, including listing of prescriptions. The second sections, has visual attention directed to it and describes those signs or symptoms that require immediate and/or mandatory follow-up. The last section directs the routine and expected follow-up. The patient leaves with a clear set of instruction that tell what to do, when to follow-up and under what circumstances they should be concerned about unexpected or undesirable outcomes that require immediate attention. All in simple English and not buried in a multi-page tome that they will neither read nor understand.

Each can be easily customized to your own specifications. Additional custom templates can also be designed as needed.

List of current sheets:

  • Insect bite / bee sting
  • Pediatric – Otitis media
  • Pediatric – General
  • Pediatric Head trauma
  • Pediatric – Croup
  • Employee Compensation

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